Metro multiplayer won't be a go-getter, as 4A Games has resources

Embracer Group bought 100% of 4A Games' shares last week, placing the studio under the wing of Saber Interactive. After merging

4A CEO Dean Sharp noted that the team will continue to develop the Metro universe and will focus on "making multiplayer" for fans.

In an interview with VGC, 4A Games executive producer John Bloch spoke about the studio's plans for a multiplayer Metro component.

Multiplayer in Metro

According to Bloch, the team has taken onprototype, but it got nowhere. The developers did not want to make another multiplayer, copying existing games, just to have it. In addition, 4A Games understands that to create a multiplayer mode, you need a team of the same scale as for a single component.

“We didn't want to do pass-through multiplayer just to do it. And we wouldn't want it to feel tied down just for show, ”Bloch says.

“We understand that the multiplayer moderequires a team of the same size as a solo game and the same amount of time. Making both of them at the same time will require some significant changes, and most importantly, we wouldn't want to sacrifice the quality, scale, or single-player experience in Metro for something like that, ”Bloch said.

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After joining Saber Interactive studiofinally got additional resources. Speaking to Embracer investors, CEO Dean Sharp said he hopes to create an atmospheric and ambitious multiplayer component for Metro.

“Another thing that makes this relationshipso enticing to us is that we have long wanted to make Metro a truly immersive and ambitious multiplayer component that has so far been difficult for us to achieve, ”he said.

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