Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1 on Xiaomi crowdfunding: electric bike with a range of up to 120 km

The Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1 electric bicycle has appeared on the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding platform.

What is known

The new product looks like a moped, but at the same time it hasthere are pedals. According to the company, this design is patented. Of interest, Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1 is made from special fire-resistant parts. It was also equipped with one headlight with low and high beam, as well as an LCD display that displays driving modes, power reserve, speed and consumption.







The battery capacity is 14,000 mAh and consists of 13 lithium-ion modules with a nominal voltage of 48 V. The power reserve is promised to be up to 120 km. Propulsion is driven by a 350 W electric motor.

Price and when to wait

Mi HIMO Electric Bicycle T1 will be released in June. Issue price - 447 US dollars.

Let us remind you that Xiaomi today presented four new Mi TV smart TVs in China.

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