Microsoft 365 app suite now available worldwide

The other day, Microsoft rebranded the Office 365 service. It received a new name, as well as new tools,

which will be useful for work or study.

What brought

The application suite is now called Microsoft 365,it differs from the old version with a deeper integration of artificial intelligence. The Microsoft Editor-based AI Editor tool will help you write documents, emails, and create PowerPoint presentations. In addition, there are new learning functions that will help you get used to the Microsoft system.

Microsoft 365 comes with the already familiarapplications - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., they are compatible with both PC and mobile devices. Users of Personal and Family packages will additionally receive one terabyte of cloud storage per person and one hour of Skype calls to mobile and landline phones.

The new service is sold by subscription and will cost70 or 100 (depending on the number of people in the family) dollars per year. For the money, Microsoft will provide access to the most technological and new features that are not in the free web versions of applications.