Microsoft has announced hellish changes to Minecraft with new enemies and locations

Minecraft continues to rise from its knees, and Microsoft and Mojang have announced the next major update for


What is known

Update Village & Pillage added village raids, bandits, and more adventures in the overworld to the game. At the same time, the announced Nether Update will affect Minecraft's Nether, the local Hell.

Firstly, a new race will be added to the game - piglins.These creatures are similar to pigmen, but are hostile, although they do not touch players wearing golden armor. In addition, you can trade with them, exchanging gold for valuable items. However, gamers who open a chest guarded by a piglin will be attacked.

Secondly, along with regular piglins, “piglin animals”, a mixture of a pig and a warthog, will appear in the game. They are also hostile to the player and even gold armor does not save them.

Thirdly, two new locations will appear in Hell - Soulsand Valley and Netherwart Forest. The first is an eerie gorge full of stalactites and blue fire, and in the second location strange trees grow.

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The release date for Nether Update is still unknown.