Microsoft announced Minecraft Earth with augmented reality in the spirit of Pokemon Go

In early May, Microsoft teased Minecraft with augmented reality, and today the company officially announced

Minecraft Earth.

What is known

According to the developers, in the game gamers will be able todo the usual things like building, exploring the world, hunting monsters and completing quests. The difference is that now the map will be a real spherical Earth, and not a square and virtual one. Animals, objects and plants already familiar to fans of the game will also be added to Minecraft Earth. The survival mode was also retained, only now you have to track down monsters using your smartphone.

“Imagine the scene:you're walking through your neighborhood and see a patch of grass. The grass is beautiful and all, but you see this area every day. It gets a little boring and it almost forces a talented builder to decorate it. So you take out your phone and create a beautiful building on the nearby picnic table. You then place your colorful new Minecraft creation on real grass,” the description reads.

Minecraft Earth will be free, but the developersThey promise that they will not add loot boxes. Gamers will be able to play it in the summer of 2019 on Android and iOS, when the closed beta test begins. To participate in the testing, you need to fill out the form and register. Minecraft Earth will be launched in all regions, but one by one for the “best gaming experience.”