Microsoft didn't remove Windows XP source code leak from its own site for 10 days

Last month, the source code for Windows XP and other versions of Microsoft's operating system was leaked online. It was discovered

on GitHub, a platform owned by Microsoft itself. It took the company 10 days to remove the source code from there.

Microsoft quickly confirmed that it was investigating the leak. Some expected the company to remove the source code from its distribution sites just as quickly.

According to the TorrentFreak edition, the audit showed that there were no attempts to remove links to the source code from Google or Twitter.

The source code first appeared on the 4chan forum. Then someone named shaswata56 posted it to GitHub. Despite the fact that Microsoft owns this site, the company did absolutely nothing for 10 days to remove confidential information from there.

It is worth noting that the source code of Windows XP is still successfully distributed via torrents.