Microsoft Edge (which is now Chrome)

It’s no secret that Microsoft is developing Edge on the Chromium engine. And so, reporters from The verge succeeded

at a glance to see how the updated browser looks like and some of its functions.

What are the differences from the old Edge?

Largely. "Under the hood" is now Chromium, on which almost all modern browsers are built. The company decided to abandon its own EdgeHTML and take the path of least resistance.
The new engine brings with it a bunch of features, the main thingof which - native support for all extensions of Google Chrome. It is also believed that most sites work much better with Chrome than with Firefox, Edge or any other browser. The question is only in optimization: can Microsoft keep the engine from devouring RAM?

What are the differences from Chrome?

They are practically absent. It is noticeable that the browser interface is much more similar to Chrome than Edge. The corporation is trying to give it the familiar minimalistic look of Windows 10. Most of the standard Edge features are still missing in the updated product.

And how is he in business?

In The Verge noted that the browser seems very nimble. Quickly starts, loads sites and content at high speed.

On the other hand, some important functions were missing: for example, data synchronization from a third-party browser does not work completely - only bookmarks are transferred.

When released?

Not yet known. Since the development of the browser is no longer tied to the update cycles of Windows 10 itself, the release to “people” can occur at any time.