Microsoft has added two new keys to its keyboard

Microsoft recently released a wired ergonomic keyboard and a more compact wireless one.

with Bluetooth. And two new keys appeared on them.

Which ones and why

These are the new Office and Emoji keys, which are located to the right of the spacebar, next to the Alt button.

Using the Office key you can launch the packagebranded applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. For example, the combination Office+W opens the Word text editor, and Office+X opens Excel spreadsheets. The function works in Windows 10.

And using the Emoji key, a menu with emoticons is launched, just like on the virtual keyboard of smartphones. It also works in tandem with the Windows 10 operating system.

Perhaps other manufacturers will soon begin adding these keys to their keyboards.

Sales of new keyboards will start in a few days - October 15th. The wired keyboard costs $59.99, the Bluetooth model costs $49.99.