Microsoft has delayed the release of Surface Earbuds wireless headphones

Last month, Microsoft introduced the Surface Earbuds, but they're still

never appeared on sale.


At first, Microsoft promised that sales of headphones would start this year. However, now Microsoft Product Director Panos Panay has announced that their release had to be postponed.

According to him, Surface Earbuds will appear on store shelves in the spring of 2020. It looks like the price tag will remain the same - $249.


Panos Panay did not specify the reasons for the postponement, but wrote on his Twitter page:

“Producing products is a constant effort to get every detail right, and it takes time... Sometimes more than we planned.”

Let us remind you that Surface Earbuds receivednoise reduction system, charging case, touch and voice control, with which you can open various Microsoft programs and show data from them. In addition, the gadget is capable of translating speech into one of 60 languages ​​in real time.

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