Microsoft introduced augmented reality glasses HoloLens 2. Employees of the company are protesting against their use by the Pentagon

The first version of HoloLens was introduced in 2015, and sales began a year later.The new model has become

In particular, HoloLens 2 received an increased viewing angle, and objects became more real and similar to life in terms of interaction.

The density of holography remained unchanged.- 47 pixels per degree. The automatic scrolling text function is built into the glasses - the device scrolls through it when the user reads the projected text to the end.

Sales of HoloLens 2 will begin in 2019, the cost of devices will be $ 3.5 thousand. A new order of augmented reality glasses is already available on the Microsoft website.

Earlier, dozens of Microsoft employees signed a letter in protest against the company's contract for the supply of augmented reality headsets for the US Army, intended for use on the battlefield.