Microsoft is amazed by the announcement of Google Stadia and is preparing to respond to E3 2019

Microsoft's gaming unit boss Phil Spencer liked the announcement of the cloud service Stadia, and the company

prepares response to E3 2019.

What is known

After the Google presentation, Spencer sent out lettersXbox employees, where he called the announcement Stadia confirmation of the correct choice of the path that the company has been following for two years. The Xbox boss noted that the Google presentation was not a surprise, but he was struck by the integration with YouTube, the built-in voice assistant and the Wi-Fi-gamepad. At the end of the letter, Spencer told colleagues that at E3 2019 Microsoft would also make a major announcement.

The company has been working on cloud for two years.gaming service Project xCloud, and according to rumors, even prepares a special console. In addition, at the end of E3 2018, Phil Spencer confirmed that the company is interested in cloud technologies and wants gamers to play anywhere and anytime on any device.

This desire has already been supported by Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, who called cloud technology the future of the gaming industry.

On the past Xbox Inside, Microsoft has alreadyshowed the work of Project xCloud, which disappointed gamers. The developers have not been able to get rid of the main problem, but this may change before the launch of beta testing, which will be held in 2019.