Microsoft is preparing a game with photorealistic graphics of a new generation

The network has a new video with the upcoming flight simulator from Microsoft - Microsoft Flight Simulator. While watching a video

immediately striking howthe photo in the game turned out photorealistic, instantly reminding that in the yard 2020 and in the hands of game developers have technologies that are appropriate for the time.

Especially pleasing is the fact that in the video,published by the British division of NVIDIA, only the alpha version of the project is shown. Since the game at such an early stage of development looks so amazingly beautiful, it’s scary to imagine what we can expect at the time of release. It is especially surprising that the game is being released on the Xbox One, that is, hardware that is old enough for our time. And if so, then what should we expect in the second half of the life cycle of next-generation consoles ...

Recall that in addition to the Xbox One, the game should alsogo out and on computers. At the moment, only “2020” is listed as the release date. Perhaps more detailed information will appear in the very near future.