Microsoft launched free online courses on the use of artificial intelligence in business

The AI ​​Business School course consists of four modules - developing an AI implementation strategy, changing culture

companies for the successful operation of technologies, responsible use of AI and an overview of the main areas of work of artificial intelligence and its subtypes.

There are about ten lectures at AI Business School in total.hours. Each lesson lasts no more than ten minutes - Microsoft is focusing on top managers of companies with busy schedules who simply do not have time to watch long lectures.

The courses include ten case studies, five lectures, five practical guides, 15 stories by top managers of large companies about the introduction of artificial intelligence and seven technical cases.

Teachers and speakers of AI Business SchoolMicrosoft top managers, representatives of Insead business school and other companies that have introduced artificial intelligence into their business processes. In the future, the number of speakers will expand.

Working with artificial intelligence is a trendrecent years. It recently became known that the Finnish authorities plan to train 1 million people in the skills of working with artificial intelligence and machine learning—about 25% of the country’s adult population. Anyone can take the Elements of AI online course. Training is available in Finnish and English.