Microsoft mistakenly blocks iconic Tiananmen Square photo

Microsoft says it mistakenly blocked image and video search results by phrase

"Man-tank".This is a reference to an iconic photograph of an unidentified man single-handedly holding back a convoy of tanks during the June 1989 Tiananmen Square riots. Bing users could not find this photo during the 32nd anniversary of the suppression of the uprising in China.

According to Reuters and Vice News, users reported that they could not find this photo of the United States, Germany, Singapore, France and Switzerland.

The journalists also noted that the photos and videossince the protests of 1989 not available in the People's Republic of China (PRC). There, the government strictly controls the internet, but Bing's censorship has this time extended to users outside of the "great Chinese firewall."

Microsoft Bing is one of the few foreignsearch engines available in China. It was not blocked because the company agreed to censor "sensitive topics" for the Chinese government. This includes the Dalai Lama and Tiananmen Square.

A Microsoft spokesman noted that “thiswas due to human error "and that they are" actively working to correct it. " In 2014, the Guardian reported that Bing was censoring results for Chinese-speaking users in the US on the same topics as inside China.

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