Microsoft plans for 2021: Windows 10X, support for Android apps for Windows 10 and x86 emulator for ARM processors

The American edition of Windows Central has published a report on Microsoft's plans for 2021.

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the whole company is going to finally releaseWindows 10X. The system will become a lightweight version of the regular OS and will compete with Chrome OS and iPad OS. It is planned to be shown in the first half of 2021. The report says Windows 10X will run on budget ARM laptops as well as dual-screen devices. The OS will receive support for Win32 applications, but it will not appear immediately, but in future updates.

As for the usual "Windows", then they plan to use itadd support for Android apps. They can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store. In what period of 2021 such an innovation will appear, there is no information.

Microsoft is also going to launch an x86 emulator. It will allow ARM-based computers to open desktop programs. In the near future, it will be added to test builds of Windows 10 Insider Preview. It will appear in the stable version in 2021.

Of the interesting things, the report also talks about the launchservice called Cloud PC (from English "Cloud PC"). It will allow you to "broadcast" Windows 10 to the cloud and install heavy applications on it so as not to overload the local device.

Source: Windows Central

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