Microsoft says running Windows 11 in Mac M1 virtual machine "is not a supported scenario"

Windows 11 is just a month away and Microsoft has confirmed that it does not consider it a “supported scenario”

running the future OS even inside a virtual machine (VM), such as Parallels desktop.

Confirmation was provided to The Register, which ran into problems while trying to pre-build the upcoming OS on Parallels Desktop 17.

In response, a Microsoft representative categoricallystated that the company does not support the launch of its future OS on computers based on the Apple M1, even within the framework of special software. This is an odd development, considering that Windows 10 on the Mac M1 ran just fine in the Parallels Desktop environment.

This situation forced the publication to contact bothParallels and Microsoft. While Parallels quickly released an updated version 17.0.1 of its virtual machine to address the issue (at least for now), Microsoft took the opportunity to drop support for such a use case entirely. This can be frustrating for users looking to run Windows on their Apple M1 Macs using virtualization technologies.

How Parallels will deal with the situation,traditionally friendly with Apple, one can only guess. If Microsoft at least does not interfere, then the chances of the normal performance of the virtual machine are extremely high. If Microsoft sets itself the goal of putting a spoke in the wheel as much as possible, then the future of Parallels Desktop may be rather hazy.

Source: theregister

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