Microsoft Surface Phone: release date, price, specifications

Microsoft is currently developing the ultimate smartphone called Surface Phone, which will

is able to demonstrate all the functions and capabilities of the Windows 10 operating system.

As you know, Microsoft Lumia smartphones are not famous for high sales, while some of them, for example Lumia 950, are failures.

Not long ago, the new Microsoft Surface smartphonePhone has received the green light and is currently under development. The Surface tablet development team focused on creating the Surface Phone. Three versions of the mobile device are expected: consumer, business and semi-professional.

Microsoft Surface Phone: Release Date and Price

It was originally reported that Microsoft was planninglaunch its Surface Phone smartphone in May 2016, however, after the failure of the Lumia 950, the release date of the new smartphone was pushed back to early 2017.

Microsoft Surface Phone is expected to bebe a high-end mobile device, premium build, top specifications and a price that will not be inferior to Surface tablets. According to Windows Central, Microsoft plans to release the most secure and most powerful smartphone in the world.

Microsoft Surface Phone: Design and Build

The original rumors reported that Microsoftdevelops a fully metal smartphone Surface Phone for release in May 2016. Given that the release date has been relocated to 2017, we have no doubt that the company will have time to prepare for the production of a smartphone.

Surface Tablet plans to be durable andhigh-quality smartphone. As we have already said, the team that has already released the premium tablets of Microsoft Surface is working on creating a new smartphone, so we should not doubt the quality of the upcoming mobile device.

Microsoft Surface Phone: Display

Surface Phone will be available in three models, so it is possible that each model will have a different screen size.

The consumer version of the Surface Phone will havefive to six inches. Rumors point to a 5.7-inch display for the standard version of the smartphone, while the business and pro models will have larger screens.

Microsoft Surface Phone: Features

Microsoft is reportedly working with Intel to produce the Surface Phone. We expect Intel to offer the best mobile processor for a Microsoft smartphone.

It is unclear whether Intel plans to createA new processor specifically for the Surface Phone. But, since the smartphone will have to work as a PC, thanks to the Continuum function, we can expect high performance. We hope the battery won't let you down.

Microsoft Surface Phone: Camera

Lumia smartphones have enough high-quality cameras, so Microsoft can use its early work for the upcoming Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone: Software

Microsoft plans to use Surface Phone as the main product to promote its Windows 10 software.

It is expected that the software for the Surface Tablet and the Surface Phone smartphone will be similar, and many of the features of the full version of Windows 10 will be available to mobile devices.