Microsoft to add Pomodoro timer functionality to standard Windows 11 "Clock"

Microsoft has been quietly talking about the built-in apps coming to Windows 11, but most

of them are criticized for the fact that theyonly aesthetic changes occur. Microsoft Paint is one of the few apps that really got more than just rounded corners or dark theme support, but even that didn't satisfy Windows users or fans of this wonderful paint program.

The Clock app in Windows 11, however, stands out from the crowd with one new feature that obviously deserves its own blog post.

There are already many timers in the Clock app,but Focus Sessions gives the idea a new flair with a dashboard that can make productivity enthusiasts jubilant. Focus Sessions provides a single interface for viewing and completing tasks in a productive environment. Adherents of the popular Pomodoro productivity technique will feel right at home here.

However, the main feature is the integrationfrom Spotify. Based on research that shows audio can help reduce distraction and improve concentration, Focus Sessions can connect to a user's Spotify account and play music to help them get into a “working state”.

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not specify whether users will be able to choose their own music or whether only themed playlists will be available.

Focus Sessions also integrates with MicrosoftTo-Do, so users won't waste time switching between apps. The dashboard also provides a quick overview of how productive the work was, depending on the goals set.

Oddly enough, the Clock app is the only built-in Windows 11 app that Microsoft hasn't demonstrated the ability to switch between light and dark themes.

Source: windows

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