Microsoft to host a major online event announcing new games from the creators of Fallout and Skyrim

In the near future, Microsoft may receive government approval for the purchase of ZeniMax Media. She owns

many studios, including the legendary idSoftware and Bethesda, creating Doom and Fallout respectively. Now there is information that almost immediately after the approval of the deal, Microsoft will hold a large online event announcing new games from the purchased studios.

The event should take place around the middleMartha. As part of it, we will be presented with a kind of "road map" on which we will see the upcoming projects and the timing of their outputs. At the same time, the insider, who told about all this, clarified that Microsoft can hold the event in a certain "own format", which will differ from the recent Nintendo Direct.

Recall that despite the relatively long-standinginformation about the purchase of ZeniMax by Microsoft, the fate of the projects of the newly acquired studios is still unclear. Will they be released exclusively on Microsoft platforms, or will they still get to the PlayStation - including the answer to this question, we are waiting for the upcoming online event.