Microsoft unveils Security Copilot, a new cybersecurity assistant based on GPT-4

After Microsoft integrated Copilot into the Office suite, the company decided to pay attention to cybersecurity

and so it introduced Microsoft Security Copilot, a new assistant for cybersecurity professionals that will make their lives much easier.

What is known

Security Copilot is based on GPT-4 andlooks like any other chatbot. You can ask him, for example, “what are all the security incidents in my enterprise?” and he will summarize them. It looks simple, but behind the scenes, the company is using the 65 trillion daily signals it receives from gathering threat data and specialized security skills to enable security professionals to identify threats.

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Microsoft Security Copilot is designed toto help the security analyst in his work, not replace him - it contains a whiteboard section for collaboration and exchange of information with colleagues. Security professionals can use Security Copilot to help with incident investigations or quickly summarize events and help with reporting.