Microsoft wants to turn your smartphone into a “Nintendo Switch for cloud gaming”

Microsoft plans to turn our smartphones into game consoles with a new patent.

What is known

Last month, the company registereda device resembling a wireless mobile gamepad. The patent was created not so much for the controller as for the charging station with “removable input modules”. In addition, the document itself does not say that the device does not belong to the Xbox, but the designers gave themselves away by placing the console logo on the schematic images.

Judging by the patent, the controller will be attached toa small docking station, which in turn connects via cable to the network and charges the modules. The system resembles the Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch, where the left and right gamepads are attached to the holder, which creates a kind of controller with an additional battery.

According to Eurogamer, the patented gamepad is for Project xCloud, the Microsoft gaming cloud service that they plan to launch for smartphones.

Designer Sarang Shet even made a concept based on schematic images where the modules are mounted on the sides of the smartphone, turning the device into a kind of Nintendo Switch.