Microsoft will improve Skype messaging

Skype has shown several new features that will allow the program to stand on a par with giant messengers

like Whatsapp or iMessage.

What's new?

Now users can save messagesas drafts, show several photos and videos, preview media files and a few more functions. New functionality will be available both in the computer application and on mobile devices.

In addition to saving drafts, users will be able to make bookmarks on messages with the right mouse button or by holding the finger on the message. Access to these bookmarks can be obtained from a special tab.

Also, it will now be easier to send multiple photos. Instead of scattering the dialogue, the photos will be collected in a separate album. You will also be able to preview all the media that you submit.

When will it appear?

Access to the update is already open, and all new features are already included in the latest version of Skype.