Microsoft will release the shareware game Forza Street on iOS and Android by the end of the year

Microsoft showed a trailer for the mobile game Forza Street and also released it for PC. As it turned out,

from the popular racing simulator here is only a name.

How is it

Forza Street is distributed.according to the shareware model. The game itself is free here, you will have to pay to reduce the time it takes to buy another car. By mobile standards, the game looks very nice, somewhat reminiscent of NFS: Underground. But the gameplay will make even an experienced fan of Korean MMORPGs bored: a continuous quick-time event, driving a car consists of pressing a single button in a timely manner. They try to compensate for this with a cinematic camera.

If you like this kind of creative gameplay, then here is a link to the PC version. The release for Android and iOS will take place by the end of the year.