Microsoft's HoloLens 2 VR headset stopped working during a presentation

The HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset was first introduced in February 2019. The device received

the viewing angle has been increased compared to the first version, and objects have become more real and life-like in terms of interaction.

May 7, the company introduced the landing reconstructionman on the moon - from the launch of the Saturn-5 rocket from the Earth, the separation of the Apollo from it and ending with the descent of Neil Armstrong to the surface of the Earth satellite.

However, during the presentation, the video stopped for a few seconds. After that, the presenter, John Noll said that "it seems to land a man on the moon is easier than to recreate this event."

Earlier, the US Army introduced the firsta demo version of an integrated visual add-on system that uses a modified HoloLens 2 lens to "provide combat assistance and training." Soldiers reported that it looked like a “game of Call of Duty” - they can see the squad's positions on a map, a compass, and even the sight of their weapon. The imager helps to see in the dark without lighting.