Middle peasants are not needed: the top version of OnePlus 10T is discounted on AliExpress

This year, Android-middle peasants and sub-flagships suddenly began to bite the price tags. In view of this second life

acquire last year's flagships, offering thatthe mighty Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset and compare favorably with the cost and case materials. A striking example is the OnePlus 10T, which is currently available on AliExpress in the top 16/256 GB configuration for 35,920 rubles – cheaper than any Samsung Galaxy A54! But he has an IMX776 OIS camera, and fast charging (150 W), and a screen with decent frames, and there are stereo speakers. We note right away that no blocking threatens him immediately for two reasons: firstly, only new models are blocked; secondly, it is a global EU-model for Europe. You can get the specified price tag by applying the seller's coupon.

Buy OnePlus 10T 16/256 for 35,920 rubles

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