Midea Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Dry and Wet Cleaning

What could be more pleasant than when smart gadgets do the home cleaning for you.yes, now it's become very

popular, and our home is gradually filling up with all sorts of smart home appliances.These includerobot cleanerMidea VCR15/VCR16.Don't jump to conclusions about it, study all its features first.You'll thank me later!

Smart robot vacuum cleaner Midea VCR15/VCR16

Robot vacuum cleaner — this is not a new producton the market, they began to appear on sale several years ago. But the current versions are significantly different and superior to those we have seen before. Judge for yourself…

Many of us have a negative impression.about robotic vacuum cleaners. Yes, indeed, most of the models travel in a chaotic manner, constantly crashing into some pieces of furniture, doing several repeated circles, but not the Midea vacuum cleaner. The manufacturer is aware of this problem, so he equipped the device with technology that involves smart path planning. The vacuum cleaner does its job perfectly even on large areas and provides high cleaning efficiency. As much as possible exact planning of a way provides rational use of time for cleaning.

We will discuss some more important features of thishome cleaner. It moves on powerful wheels that provide easy movement from a flat floor to a fleecy carpet. Please note that the manufacturer decided to abandon the turbo brush so that the vacuum cleaner does not block due to the hair being wound on it. And this, as we know, is a fairly common problem. In addition to the fact that the vacuum cleaner copes with cleaning dirt, dust, etc., there is also an ultra-violet light that destroys all bacteria and mites. This is very important, because many people today suffer from allergies and other ailments.

Midea Robot Vacuum Cleanertile, parquet, laminate and carpet. The choice of surface does not affect the quality of work. A nice bonus for housewives will be the availability of wet cleaning. Yes, the floors will now be cleaned for you by a robot vacuum cleaner. There is a removable tank where you need to pour water. And also there is a microfiber rag that provides delicate mopping. By the way, the manufacturer recommends always wetting / soaking the rag before the wet cleaning starts for the best effect.

Vacuum cleaner controlled bytouch buttons that are located on the case itself. You can choose any of the cleaning modes (spot cleaning, cleaning along the walls, zigzag cleaning, automatic cleaning). If your apartment has a staircase, the presence of special drop sensors will prevent the vacuum cleaner from falling off the stairs. It is very comfortable! You can easily start the robot and go about your business, without controlling its cleaning.

From collisions with furniture and other objectsprotect infrared sensors. Due to the fact that the vacuum cleaner itself is small in size and height, it can easily pass under the sofa, shelving and other furniture. The battery capacity of the Midea vacuum cleaner is 2000 mAh. This is quite enough to clean large areas. But if suddenly there is not enough charge, it will automatically go to the charging station to recharge itself. Another bonus — This includes a remote control for controlling the robot and setting up the cleaning process. You can see the rest of the characteristics below:

  • noise level 65 dB
  • charging time 3-6 hours
  • 6 modes
  • on timer
  • working time 100 minutes

You can buy a modern powerful robot vacuum cleaner on AliExpress. A light version and a black one are available.