Might & Magic X Legacy: the first game of the series in the last 10 years (+ trailer)

Ubisoft arranged a pleasant surprise in the “Friday” style, announcing Might & Magic X Legacy. Yes, first continuation

the legendary series 10 years after the release of a rather unsuccessful ninth. They promise "old school by the new rules."

Under the "old school" meant the absenceawkward experiments and a return to basics: the city of Kartal and its environs, hundreds of quests and dungeons, a first-person view and a team of four heroes, turn-based battles and political intrigues, and finally the very atmosphere that inspires risky adventures, even virtual ones. By the way, that same dirty policy will unpredictably influence the course of the struggle between several factions for power in the city.

The remaining details, including the release date andthe list of supported platforms (well, we don’t doubt a drop of nanograms about the PC) will be announced during the Penny Arcade Expo festival, which starts today. As they say, stay tuned!