Mispadu: banking Trojan masquerading as McDonald’s Facebook ad

ESET antivirus company discovered Mispadu banking Trojan, which uses McDonald’s fake adware to


What is known

According to ESET experts, the trojan is written in the Delphi programming language. It attacks with spam and malicious ads.

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Mostly scammers posted commercialFacebook posts that offer discount coupons on the McDonald’s network. By clicking on the ad, the victims downloaded the ZIP file from Mispadu to their computer. In addition to Facebook, the trojan was also found in the official Google Chrome store. There, he hid in an extension that was supposed to provide safe surfing on the Internet.

What can

A trojan can collect user information,including OS version, list of installed banking applications and anti-virus programs. It can also create screenshots, simulate mouse movements and even press the desired keys on the keyboard. The main target audience for Mispadu is users from Mexico and Brazil.

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