MIT continues to work on robots

MIT has already reported work on autonomous boats, and even then they learned basic navigation and

connecting individual modules to each other. However, now they can completely independently form new structures, joining and detaching.

How it works?

This skill was required by the robots becauseNow they are divided into two types: navigators and workers. Navigators include GPS and gauges to collect information about your current location and speed. Workers, in turn, help the entire structure to swim and turn.

Navigators also determine in what form nowthe whole structure and compare it with a given goal. After comparison, they give all the elements of the platform a command: to whom to stay in place, and to whom to move to achieve the desired shape.

Why is this?

The main goal of creating robots isautonomous bridges that can connect the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam with the neighboring area, between which lies a 60-meter canal. MIT wants to start real testing next year.