MIT creates breathable e-leather with artificial pores for perspiration

The new patch has a pattern of artificial sweat ducts, similar to the pores in human skin. Development authors

etched them through ultra-thin layers of material.The pores are perforated with a plaster in the manner of a kirigami. The design ensures that sweat can escape through the patch, preventing skin irritation and damage to the built-in sensors.

The kirigami design also helps the adhesive fitto human skin as it stretches and bends. This flexibility, combined with the material's ability to resist sweat, allows it to keep a person's health in check for extended periods of time. This was not possible before.

The new e-skin is equipped with sensors forcontrol of temperature, hydration, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and pulse. During the experiment, the patch received reliable measurements even during physical exertion when the user was sweating heavily.

The new development is a step towards creating long-lasting smart skin that will track daily vital signs or the progression of skin cancer and other conditions.

The results of the study are published in the journal Science Advances.

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Kirigami is the art of making paper figurines and postcards using scissors. For manufacturing, sheets of paper or thin cardboard are used, which are cut and folded.