MIT has created a robot that helps stop dangerous bleeding

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory have developed

unique hand robot.It will help even minimally trained rescuers control severe internal bleeding in victims with serious and life-threatening injuries. It helps guide the needle and catheter into a large blood vessel that may be damaged.

In emergency medicine, there is a so-called"golden hour". This is the idea that victims of traumatic injuries, especially those with heavy bleeding, should receive help within 60 minutes. And sometimes in just 10 minutes. For this reason, rescuers are trained to act as soon as possible.

The problem is that some vitalprocedures such as inserting a catheter into a large blood vessel require special training. This means that the patient must be taken to the hospital. During this time, a person may die.

To solve the problem, MIT engineers createda robot that stops bleeding and is controlled by artificial intelligence. The AI-GUIDE device provides ultrasound imaging and helps rescuers place a catheter into the femoral blood vessels.

For the operation, the doctor places the AI-GUIDEon the patient's thigh along the inguinal fold. Using ultrasound, the device displays an image with specific navigation on a simple display to direct the rescuer to the right place.

When the needle reaches the target, the rescuer presses"trigger" and the needle enters the blood vessel. It is attached to a special wire guide that delivers drugs and micro-instruments to stop bleeding.

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