MIT: Microchips with nanotubes will increase the energy efficiency of processors

Scientists from MIT together with their Munich colleagues have developed a new type of processor chip. Microchips in

whose production uses carbonnanotubes far exceed existing ones in energy efficiency. If they can be reduced, this will allow them to be used in various devices and save a huge amount of energy.

What are the differences?

MIT says the chip with nanotubes is 10 timesmore efficient than a chip with the same architecture, but made of silicon. Such processors are also placed on a silicon wafer, however, these transistors (whose thickness is only one nanometer) require much less energy than silicon elements, so such processors will be more energy efficient than conventional ones.

It is working?

Researchers have already launched the usual “Hello, World!” On this chip. The first tests were successful. Further plans of scientists include a reduction in such chips.