MIUI 12.5 broke dark mode in popular apps - Xiaomi won't be able to fix the problem

Xiaomi is actively updating its smartphones to MIUI 12.5. For example, only on August 6th the firmware was released on Redmi 9 and Redmi Note 9, and on

Recently, several more models received an update. But the problems are here again.

What happened now?

This time the problem is about a dark theme.And there is a high probability that the company does not plan to solve it. Users began to massively complain that after installing MIUI 12.5, dark mode stopped working correctly in some applications.

We will remind, Dark Mode was first shown in MIUI 11, andalready in MIUI 12, Dark Mode 2.0 appeared. But the dark theme does not work adequately in all applications. In particular, Facebook, Messenger and Snapchat users report that the background remains white when the program is launched, but the font color changes from black to white. Accordingly, nothing is visible.

A solution to the problem was found, but it does not work foreveryone. To continue using applications further, you need to go to the Dark Mode settings and disable the dark theme for programs in which it does not work correctly. If the software "breaks", you can download a dark picture and put it in the background.

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The fact that the problem has affected the embedded software,gives hope for the release of the update. However, Mi Community stated that Dark Mode does not work correctly only in third-party applications, and Xiaomi cannot fix this with an update.

Source: PiunikaWeb

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