Mixer Xiaomi Dubai Diiib with a fountain

Today we are reviewing a Xiaomi bathroom faucet that can surprise everyone. In its price segment

he simply has no competitors!Xiaomi Dubai Diiib — 3 in 1 mixer, which has two water supply modes, a built-in fountain and a pull-out watering can! I am sure everyone will want to install such a faucet in their bathroom!

Xiaomi Dubai mixer overview

Multifunctional faucet from Xiaomi partner — Diiib brand is suitable for both the bathroom (priority use) and the kitchen. The crane is capable of operating in 3 modes:

  • Classic mode (which in turn can work in normal mode and in shower mode, there is a special switch button)
  • fountain
  • removable mode with retractable hose. In this mode, it is convenient to wash your head, shoes, sink, fill water tank

Mixer Xiaomi Dubai is made of brassalloy and has a special chrome plating, which according to the manufacturer is less susceptible to flying. In practice, this is true. I compared the usual tap from GROHE and the model under review. The difference really is, albeit insignificant. The mixer from Xiaomi will not have to be cleaned so often, and this is a fact.


  • the size of the mixer 213 x 52 x 189 mm
  • the size of the installation hole 33-38 mm
  • distance to the wall from the center of more than 40 mm
  • Fountain jet range 10-12 cm from the hole
  • model DXMP001

Classic mode

Everything is familiar here. Normal operation, water can be supplied in one stream or through several holes in the shower format, bypassing the aerator. The view of the jet is changed using the switch under the faucet.


Until you try this mode, you won't be able to do anything.100% appreciate its convenience! Taking water into your mouth and rinsing it is now easier than ever — pressed the button and the mode was activated. Turn off the water supply and the mode is disabled.

Removable mode

As it turned out, the regime is also in demand, albeitnot as much as the others. The tap handle can be pulled out of the mixer. The length of the hose is regulated by a special weight, which also serves as a counterweight, which also serves as a counterweight, which tightens the handle back into the seat.


Mixer Xiaomi Diiib extremely easy to install. Everything you need is included:

  • spring-loaded clamping nut
  • gasket and sealing ring
  • cap wrench for fixing underwater hoses
  • removable cargo

Many will be surprised by the fact that the mixer has 3hose, and not 2, as everyone is used to. To implement a retractable design, this is a necessity. The 3rd black hose is the longest and a load is hung on it.

Installation Recommendations

When installing, note that the hose withcargo must have a free wheeling. Check that the hoses are not tangled and the load does not touch the connection. Take into account the fact that the tap is rather long and that while the fountain is running, water does not overflow through the sink, it must be of appropriate size (from the center of the mixer to the edge of the sink at least 35 cm).


Frankly, bypassed many large stores.Moscow’s plumbers and simply could not find something similar in terms of functionality, quality of performance and price. There are simply no analogs for the Diiib mixer. Without a doubt, it is worth every ruble spent. I installed it in my bathroom and now I have to give a link to the shops for everyone who comes to visit. Everything is just in awe!

Where can one buy?

Buy Xiaomi Dubai Diiib mixer cheapertotal in China. The crane comes in a sturdy package that carries transportation perfectly! Below is a link to verified sellers from whom you can safely order this model.

Aliexpress(NillkinGlass Store)
Mixer link

Aliexpress(For Kitchen World Store)
Mixer link
Mixer link