Mobile Minecraft in Augmented Reality

Since its inception, the Minecraft game has simply torn apart the gaming world(yes, all of it) on ardent fans, and

How could such an imitation of eight-bit ancient games be possible?And keep it at the same level for many years!It's not even a game, it's a phenomenon that already has a life of its own.Although with an ancient style, but still modern Minecraft technologies are not alien, and the addition of a large car of this game to the fun augmented reality train was only a matter of technicality, or even just time.Following the iconic Pokemon Go, Minecraft AR is entering the augmented world.

What is known

The corporation published a video teaser from whichYou can find out that the full-fledged Minecraft AR application starts globally on May 17, and you need to watch it on the website of the game itself. The video shows a man who accidentally took with him not his smartphone when he got up from a bench in a public garden. The girl gets his smartphone, and she rushes after the man. But, not yet having time to catch up with him, the glance falls on the screen of the smartphone, on which exactly that AR Minecraft is running. Through the smartphone you can see the grass in the park, and the pig in the grass. This pig reacts to the presence of the girl. Of course, this is just a commercial for advertising, perhaps the application will work completely differently.

Next, the video shows the date of the presentation, andfurther viewers throws on the site of the game itself. Total - a small movie showed how a game like Minecraft with AR technology could be. Especially nothing gave this video, but a solid brand can afford it

Augmented Reality

To date, created many applicationswith augmented reality, the most famous is Pokemon Go, though not the most ideal example of the potential that this technology has. However, this game was the beginning, the gateway, an introductory course for millions of people to the world of augmented reality. Minecraft during this time turned into a whole industry, where players have already started their book of records, and the whole world (the entire gaming community) knows these records. Such a game for AR technology can be an even more powerful springboard or push into the world. If the game enters the fans, then its audience and loyalty to this audience will know no bounds. Everyone will win, and gamers, and the augmented reality itself.

With the first massive AR app, Pokemon Go experienceinteractions were elementary, too simple, and could not boast of special delights in terms of functionality. The mini version of Minecraft reveals at least equally advanced technology. It's like AR Plus for Pokemon, who added a few hundreds of thousands of augmented reality fans. This application is already able to show the presence of the user in augmented reality, and not just to show passing by drawn objects. Even piggy scales correctly when you get closer to it. And everything around also behaves naturally.

Well, we can only wait for the day of the official presentation, not long left. Then we will see how deep the new Minecraft AR hole is at this time.

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