Modified version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold lit up on the photo

As previously reported in the media, until the official presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold, public testing

Therefore, as soon as the smartphone with a foldable display fell into the hands of popular bloggers and reviewers, numerous errors and flaws in its design were discovered.This forced the manufacturer to delay sales and redesign its design.

For quite some time now the KoreanSamsung is silent and does not tell the public its plans for the re-launch of the Galaxy Fold. Meanwhile, there were rumors on the Internet that all the necessary improvements had already been completed. Some even suggested that as part of the August 7 presentation of the new Galaxy Note 10, the manufacturer would re-announce the foldable device.

Currently it is reported that the companyis testing about 2,000 Galaxy Fold devices, which have already undergone further development. At the moment, all these smartphones are in the hands of user testers around the world. And I managed to photograph one of these by accident.

In the network published a photo that manageddo in the subway. Apparently, one of the users who is testing the new version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold appeared on it. Of course, the photo does not give us a complete picture. But, apparently, the design of the device remained the same, all the improvements as always under the hood.

If testing a new version of the phone with a bending display is already in full swing, it means that in the near future we will witness its re-launch and the start of sales.