Modulus Tweak adds many useful modules to the iOS Control Point

Modular Control Center in iOS is one of Apple's most successful solutions. On the other hand, the company did not manage

without restrictions here too. There aren't that many modules and icons, and there's no way to add third-party app icons.

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New Jailbreak TweakModuluswill help make the Control Center better by adding new modules that will definitely be useful to you.

Tweak contains five additional modules, only one of which is exclusive to iOS 12. Among them:

  • Activity:Displays your Activity rings. The module can be expanded to provide more detailed statistics of your Activity.
  • Battery:Displays the charge level of your iPhone and other devices like AirPods and Apple Watch.
  • Cydia:Displays new and updated tweaks in Cydia.
  • Device info:Displays information about your device: UDID, serial number, ID, etc. Information can be copied with one touch.
  • Commands:Displays your shortcut commands. Available for iOS 12 only.

After installing Modulus tweak in Settings, a new panel will appear with its options. Here you can choose the size of each module, as well as set protection on them.

The developer added a respring button to quickly apply changes.

Most users are satisfied with the Control Point, but Modulus will make it even better. This is one of the best jailbreak tweaks.

If you want to install Modulus tweak, you can download it from the Packix repository. Tweak supported devices with iOS 11 and 12.