Monobank users buy at ATB, refuel at OKKO, eat at McDonald’s and travel in ... the Kiev subway!

Ukrainian Internet Bank Monobank will soon cross the million mark. In honor of this,

employees of the company prepared interesting information about their users.

What told

Today Monobank client basehas 983 thousand people. They spent 71 billion hryvnia, made 173 million purchases and received 336 million hryvnia cashback. The largest share of the money spent falls on the category “Shopping and supermarkets” (40.50%), and the most popular store is ATB. In it, Mono customers made 10,446,012 purchases.

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Also, black card users often eat at McDonald’s (2,812,911 purchases), travel in the Kiev subway (7,986,734), refuel at OKKO and use Uber more than Uklon and Bolt.

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The bank’s referral program was used by 165 thousand people, and according to their links, Mono became 325 thousand. As a result, for this, users received more than 32 million hryvnia cashback.