Moonlighter and This War Of Mine are being given away for free on the Epic Games Store. Next up is For Honor

This week, Epic Games staged a real attraction of unprecedented generosity and are giving away as many as two games for free.

What to pick up

The Epic Games Store now has a free roguelikeMoonlighter, where gamers will play the role of a merchant who decided to go to diversify his life. Since childhood, she worked in her parents' store and watched the treasure hunters who came to the family store for materials. Now the hero has matured and decided to try the life of an adventurer.

In Moonlighter, players will not only have togo into dangerous dungeons and fight monsters, but also engage in trade. While exploring the caves, the hero will find artifacts and materials that can then be sold or used to create his own weapons.

The second free game will be This War Of Mine,where the player controls a group of ordinary citizens who are trying to survive in a city under siege. In such an atmosphere, looters are not the only problem, because you need to take care of food, warmth and clean water. During the day, the player will look after the inhabitants, cook, build, and so on. As night falls, when the snipers of the invading army see no one, the survivors can go in search of prey.

According to the developers, this game allows you to look at the war from a completely different perspective, and the project is based on real events.

What's next

“Coming soon” Epic Games will also give away two games, next time Alan Wake and For Honor will be free.