Mophie Wireless Charging Pad: Instead of the nonexistent Apple AirPower

Two years ago in the fall, Apple introduced the concept of wireless charging in the form of a large desktop station

AirPower.According to the manufacturer's plan, this station was supposed to recharge up to several devices simultaneously, for example, an iPhone, Apple Watch smartwatch, AirPods and a case for them. But in technical terms, something went wrong for the Cupertino company; the release was first postponed indefinitely, and then the project was successfully closed. But the idea is worthwhile, why should it disappear due to the technical difficulties of one company? That's exactly what Mophie thought when they decided to develop a solution that actually worked. And they succeeded; the developer presented the Charging Pad in two versions: Dual Wireless and 3-in-1. In appearance, everything is in the style of the never-happened AirPower.

Two and three in one

Dual Wireless - version of the wireless station,which is capable of charging two devices at once, a smartphone, as well as a case of wireless headphones. Now owners of Apple products have the opportunity to use the station, although not manufactured by their company, but it is very similar to it. This model also received a USB port through which you can charge a third device without support for wireless technology.

The second model is three in one, it is fullthe replacement of AirPower, which is capable of charging three devices at once, is a smartphone, smart watch and a case of wireless headphones. The wireless standard is used by Qi with a maximum power of 7.5 watts. The junior version costs $ 80, and a triple station costs $ 140, which is very good for owners of Apple products, since the native station would cost three times more.

Happiness was near

It is worth recalling that Apple announced a freezeWireless charging project one year after the presentation. The main feature of the station was the ability to work simultaneously with several devices. The station was supposed to enter the market last year, but, alas, the company encountered irreparable difficulties in developing the gadget. Engineers could not overcome the strong heating of the station while charging several devices at the same time. Also, when the station was operating, communication problems were fixed, it caused interference. For Apple, these difficulties have become insurmountable. And the company decided to abandon the implementation of this project.

The company apologized to its fans,who already warmed their hands and saved up money, but the focus on wireless technologies did not change. Most likely, the work on the project continued, and in the near future the company will nevertheless present a working solution, but for now this is done by third-party companies that easily overcome technical difficulties that did not succumb to Apple.