More improvements needed: criticism of players made Crytek postpone Crysis Remastered release

Thanks to Microsoft, gamers saw the updated Crysis Remastered even before the full announcement. By trailer and screenshots

players rated the “improvements” that were not so global, which caused criticism. Crytek looked at all this and decided to postpone the release.

What is known

Company official Twitter accountpublished a letter to gamers in which she announced the transfer of demos and releases of Crysis Remastered. Initially, the project was planned to be released on July 23, but now the release date is postponed for a couple of weeks.

Crytek explicitly stated that it had seen leaks andthe subsequent reaction of the fans, therefore, decided to "polish the game" before the release. The team will continue to work on improving the visual and technical aspects to reach the expected level of Crysis.

“You have probably already seen leaks, and we want toto say that we see a reaction - bad and good. We are listening. The team continues to work on some parts of the game and the store’s page ... Extra time for the release will allow us to bring Crysis Remastered for PC and consoles to the level that you expect from Crysis games, ”the developers write.

In the comments under the merged trailer, gamers criticized Crysis Remastered for the lack of visible improvements. Some users even considered the trailer to be fake.

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