More screen and battery: Apple will release a special version of the Apple Watch for extreme lovers

In the past few years, Apple hasn't really surprised us with new generations of Apple Watch smartwatches. But quite

soon, apparently, this will change. Discuss

According to authoritative Bloomberg insider Mark Gurman, Cupertino plans to release an “extreme sports” version of the Apple Watch as early as 2022.

A distinctive feature of the new model from the base and SE will be a larger display and battery. Also, the company will collect it in a more durable metal case.

The gourmand notes that the size of the display of the noveltywill be almost two inches - this is about 7% more than the largest Apple Watch at the moment. According to the expert, the increase in the screen may be due to the desire to place more fitness metrics on it.

The announcement of this model should take place simultaneously with the new Apple Watch SE and Series 8 towards the end of the year.