More than 100 ancient sarcophagi with mummies found in Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Archeology said more than 100 ancient sarcophagi with mummies were found in the country

and 40 statuettes, some of them gilded. This is a really interesting find.

According to RIA Novosti, the closed sarcophagibelong to the Late Period of Ancient Egypt (662-332 BC) and to the era of the Ptolemies (332 - 30 BC). Even 100 coffins represent only one percent of the total number of artifacts in the explored region.

Found artifacts will be distributed to four museumsEgypt. The peculiarity of the sarcophagi is that they are made from local wood. This means that in ancient times there was a workshop for the production of sarcophagi. They intend to find it in 2021.

Scientists also showed the contents of one of the coffins using X-rays. There was a man about 165 centimeters tall.