More than a third of Google Pixel owners are so dissatisfied with their smartphone that they want to switch to devices from other brands

TradingPlatforms specialists have published the results of their latest research on the Web. It showed how

Google Pixel owners are satisfied with their smartphones. Discuss

For example, it turned out that usersface a whole "heap of problems", which, moreover, are not software, but hardware. This makes it impossible for Google to fix them by releasing a software update.

These problems include a "buggy" scannerfingerprint, long charging, incompatibility with many third-party accessories, etc. In total, about 36% of Pixel owners want to switch to smartphones from other brands.

Note that a similar position was chosen for himself andauthor of the popular YouTube channel MKBHD. He stated that he tried to give the Pixel 6 a second chance some time after the release. But in the end, he still cannot recommend the phone for purchase.