More than half of the departed IT-specialists intend to return to Russia

The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) conducted a survey on whether the departed

IT specialists are returning to Russia, and how many workers in this field are thinking about moving. Discuss

According to the RAEC, "IT people" who went abroad,divided into two parts: 49.3% do not plan to return, and 50.7% want to return. It is also reported that, compared with May 2022, the proportion of those who intend to return has increased by 2.3%.

The RAEC believes that such sentiments appearedamong IT-specialists because in Russia, despite the sanctions, business is gradually adapting to new conditions, and in places of relocation there are many difficulties with finding employment and arranging life.

There are also fewer professionals willing to leave. In May, such plans were voiced by 24%, now - 20.9%. In addition, 70.4% do not consider the option of relocation abroad in the next month.