Mortal Kombat, make your head: League of Legends authors are developing a fighting game

For 13 years, Riot Games has pleased gamers with only MOBA-game League of Legends, but soon the company’s portfolio will be replenished

fighting game

What is known

During the Evolution Championship SeriesTom Cannon, an employee of Radiant Entertainment, which the authors of LoL bought in 2016, announced a new project. The developer said that he did not know how to keep secrets, so he confirmed without remorse that Riot Games was working on a fighting game.

Unfortunately, Cannon did not tell whether the game will beinvolved in the universe of League of Legends, or gamers waiting for a project with a new story and heroes. The developer also kept silent about the distribution model, but it should be borne in mind that the previous game Riot is shareware.

“We felt the serious influence thatThis genre can have on the players, and want to bring the "fighting" experience to more people. We are working hard to create a game that is truly worthy of the fighting community. We are already making progress, but we still have a long way to go before we are ready to share more detailed information, ”said Tom in a comment for IGN.