Moscow authorities have promised to give smartphones to patients with coronavirus infection

Today, the media reported on the appearance on Google Play of the new application "Social Monitoring". Representatives now

Moscow authorities explained why the application was needed, and also promised to give smartphones to patients with coronavirus infection.

This was told by the head of the Moscow Department of Information Technology Eduard Lysenko. His words are quoted by RBC.

According to Lysenko, the application "Social Monitoring" will be used by people with diagnosed coronavirus infection COVID-19, those who decided to stay at home for treatment.

If the patient does not have a personal smartphoneor he doesn’t want to install the application on his device, the Moscow authorities will give him another device for quarantine. Upon completion, the device will need to be returned to the authorities.

The application will be available from April 2. Lysenko claims that the personal data of users will not be transmitted anywhere. Apparently, the authorities will simply track the sick.