Moscow will test the first sample of the Russian quantum phone ViPNet Phone

The Russian quantum phone was developed by specialists from the Center for Quantum Technologies of Moscow State University and the Russian

"InfoTeKS" company. The presentation of quantum communications will take place on May 28, and will include a voice communication session protected using quantum keys.

According to the developers of ViPNet QSS Phone,call confidentiality is based on strong symmetric encryption of network traffic between subscribers using the quantum key distribution protocol.

Other technical details of the phone are not disclosed. The cost of the device will be 30 million rubles.

Developers note that while the deviceimpossible to crack by any known science methods. In the future, this can be done with the help of quantum computers, but it will take at least five to ten years to start their production.

Agency Moscow

In addition, ViPNet QSS Phone can become the world's first device for quantum data protection for an individual user.

It is not yet known when ViPNet QSS Phone will be available and how much it will cost. Probably the key customers will be the Russian special services and authorities.

For the first time about the testing of a quantum phone by MSU scientists it became known at the end of 2017.