Moshi Otto Q and Moshi Porto Q 5K. Stylish wireless charging that is not afraid of covers.

The company Moshi, which produces all kinds of accessories for smartphones, has released a series

wireless charging stations that are already available for purchase in almost all countries.

It was released two models called Moshi OttoQ and Moshi Porto Q 5K. The main bet was made on the design, the body is made of plastic covered with a dense gray fabric, the edges have a silicone edging tightly holding the smartphone on it. The fabric is easy to clean and does not collect dust.

The first model Moshi Otto Q is stationary,supplied with a meter cable with USB-C and USB-A connectors. The station works according to the Qi standard, thus allowing you to charge your smartphone quickly enough. Power up to 10 W (Apple up to 7.5 W, Samsung up to 10 W). FOD function that allows you to detect foreign objects on it for maximum security. Equipped with a light indicator.

It is also important that you charge your smartphone.You can also in cases up to 5 mm which significantly increases the ergonomics of use, achieved this with the help of the innovative Q-coil ™ module which is equipped with a ferrite plate of 2.6 mm which allows you to quickly charge the phone in a case up to 5 mm thick.

The Moshi Porto Q 5K model has the same characteristics as its counterpart, but is also a wireless portable battery.

Can work as a stationary station and a portable battery that you can take with you. When connected to a power source, both the smartphone and the battery are charged.

It turned out quite interesting accessorieswho are easily ahead of their competitors from China in terms of both the build quality and the set of technologies, and the portability of the Moshi Porto Q 5K model makes them out of reach of competitors. The price may also please, in Ukraine, these devices are sold at a price:

  • 1799 hryvnia for the Moshi Otto Q model

  • 2699 hryvnia for Moshi Porto Q 5K.