Motorola Edge and Edge + officially presented: an overview

Motorola Edge and Edge+ are officially announced. Note that over the past few years Motorola has become associated with

a company that offers good andaffordable phones thanks to its super-popular Moto G line. The company ventured into the top class with a reboot of the Razr brand, but beyond its price tag, the foldable phone had little in common with flagships from other brands.

All this changed with the release of Motorola Edge and Edge+. The Motorola Edge+ has everything a 2020 flagship has to offer. Motorola Edge is a slightly smaller version of Edge+. It's not every day that we see a new player enter the premium smartphone segment and we are thrilled! Let's take a look at what Edge+ has to offer.

Motorola Edge +

Whether you like it or not, when it comes toto the Android flagships, the curved edges of the display became a sign of the “flagship”, and Motorola is all-in with curves. The 6.7-inch OLED display bends 90 degrees on both sides, giving the phone a sleek look. The aspect ratio of the display is 21: 9, which makes it quite high, but, on the other hand, it is more convenient to hold.

Extreme display curve not only forappearance. Motorola adds some software features that will use this extra space. The most interesting of them is the ability to click on the launch buttons, which you can press with your index fingers during the game. It sounds good in theory, but we have to try it to see if it is useful in practice.

In the corner of the display, as expected, there is a smallhole for selfie camera. The same can be said for the rear, with the clean design broken only by a relatively small camera bump that houses three cameras (more on them later). The Edge+ comes in two colors: Thunder Gray and Smoky Sangria, while the regular Edge will come in Midnight Magenta and Solar Black.

It’s interesting that the manufacturer has still keptheadphone jack on your phone. By the way, the phone is thick, but not too heavy — 203 g (iPhone 11 Pro Max — 226 g). There's a good reason for the extra bulk; this phone comes with a massive battery.

Motorola Edge and Edge + Specifications

As you can see, Motorola Edge + has it all.bells and whistles that can be expected from the flagship 2020. From a 10-bit display with a high refresh rate to DDR5 RAM and, of course, a giant battery. Even with the 90 Hz option turned on, this phone can easily last two days. Fast charging is not the most powerful, but Motorola claims that it gives priority to battery capacity over charging speed, indicating that in any case you will not charge the device often.

But there is something that these phones have, andmost other flagships do not have these days. This is a headphone jack! Motorola even beat Samsung and offers us a premium phone with a 3.5 mm jack for your favorite headphones. But that’s not all Motorola’s efforts to improve sound quality. The company is quite proud of the Edge + speakers, calling them "the most powerful stereo speakers." They are tuned to the award-winning Waves, GRAMMY, so they should sound pretty good.

One thing that is missing, however,is IP68 rating. The phones have a “water-repellent design”, as Motorola calls it, and they have been tested to IP68 standards, but without an official certificate.

Motorola Edge and Edge + Cameras

Motorola closely monitors trends inmarket and cannot be compared. Yes, the 108MP sensor is back again. Motorola uses pixels differently, but prefers to combine only 4-in-1 instead of Samsung's 9-in-1 solution. This means that by default the Motorola Edge+ takes a 27-megapixel photo. With base storage of 256GB, this shouldn't be a problem. Another interesting thing is that Motorola uses an ultra-wide-angle camera for macro photography, which allows you to focus on objects from a very short distance.

As we know, the difficult part arises whenPhotos must be processed by the camera software. Now Motorola has provided some sample shots that you can see below, and of course they look amazing.

Night vision, which Motorola calls its night mode, is also impressive, according to samples. Look at this picture showing the difference.

But we will have to test the cameras ourselves and compare the images with other phones of the same class before we can tell if it is flagship.

All in all, a good set of cameras on both devices. There are no superzoom with a periscope, but they increase the price, so we are not surprised that they are absent.


Motorola's flagships bring what we did not expect: new skin for Android. Do not worry, however, Motorola developers know that people are not fans of bloated skins with apps that duplicate the functionality that Google already offers with their apps. That's why Motorola’s new My UX only adds a few features on top of “standard” Android, which allow users to customize their phones further. You can create your own themes by choosing from a variety of colors, fonts, icon shapes and even fingerprint scanner animations.

Special software alsonecessary to get the most out of this curved display. Custom menus you can pull out from the side, in-game triggers, battery indicators and indicator lights — it's all part of the experience.

Price and release date

Now about the most important part: price. Motorola Edge + costs $ 999.99. Motorola Edge does not yet have a price or release date, but it will go on sale in the States later this year, according to Motorola, with more details coming this summer.

1000 dollars — that's a lot of money forany phone, but the Motorola Edge+ doesn't offer any less than other flagships at this price, so why should it be cheaper? In fact, let's compare the Edge+ to the two high-end Android phones it will go up against in the US market.


When it comes to battery, Motorola —clear winner, but OnePlus makes up for it with faster charging. In size and weight, both phones are almost identical, which shows how much battery capacity Motorola would have to sacrifice for even faster charging.

And while we live in an era of true wirelessheadphones, many still have not replaced their favorite wired headphones. Motorola Edge + may be what they were waiting for. Of course, LG's flagships still have a headphone jack, but they are not quite at the same level in other areas.

In the camera department, the battle is just as fierce. Software updates for OnePlus and Samsung are coming out all the time, bringing more and more camera improvements. Can Motorola keep up? Time will tell.

There's nothing wrong with having more choice, and with Motorola entering the premium segment, users have some great devices to choose from. Yes, the prices are high…